About Bespoke

Established in 2010 as a specialist procurement consultancy, Bespoke has grown into a leading African provider of procurement and supply chain management advice, knowledge development and training. Through our collaborative and amenable style, Bespoke aims to respond proactively to the needs of our clients, and to provide advisory and training solutions that encourage lasting relationships.

We support our clients in their path towards the “ultimate win”, achieving their strategic business goals through intelligent, sustainable supply chain and procurement processes. We count among our clients both public sector organisations and blue chip corporate clients, across southern and east Africa.

Bespoke has built a recognisable brand and established our credibility in the regional market, through deep subject matter expertise and experience, customer focus, flexibility and effective knowledge transfer. The true measure of our success lies in our ability to transfer skills and knowledge, enabling our clients to own, sustain and build upon the results delivered during an engagement or project.

Procurement Transformation

Bespoke are experts in Procurement Transformation, helping our clients to focus on strategies to enable major and long-term improvements to procurement and supply management processes, activities and relationships.


Procurement Excellence

We have developed a unique Procurement Excellence model that ensures alignment of procurement to overall business objectives, drives collaboration and manages risk and performance in the supply chain.